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Activated carbon that brings together Ajinomoto's technological capabilities
We will provide it according to your needs
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About us

With the overwhelming adsorption power of activated carbon
We will contribute to your company with flexible proposal capabilities

With the technological capabilities cultivated based on the Ajinomoto Group's 100 years of knowledge,
We offer activated carbon with overwhelming adsorption power that other companies do not have.
The manufacturing process of food and pharmaceuticals, the refining of chemicals, environmental purification during exhaust treatment, etc.
We will propose the most suitable products and usage methods according to your company's issues.

Product introduction by industry


We will solve these problems related to activated carbon.

  • Can be more adsorbed and deodorized
    I want activated carbon
  • The most suitable activated carbon for the application
    I want to know the type
  • Activated carbon for product development
    I want to incorporate
With the technological capabilities of the Ajinomoto Group, we have strengths in the technology for removing unwanted substances using activated carbon.
We will propose solutions according to your company's problems according to your needs.
Point 01

With 100 years of technical capabilities of the Ajinomoto Group
Please leave it to us for selective adsorption and removal of unnecessary substances.

We support from proposal to development, prototyping, and commercialization of world-quality activated carbon that other companies do not have, according to your company's problems.
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Point 02

Combined with existing activated carbon
We will propose the best utilization method

Considering the balance with other companies' products already used in your company, we will propose the optimum combination method.
Point 03

From new development to prototyping and commercialization
Total support

We not only make proposals based on existing products, but also develop new products that solve your problems.
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Product Line



業務委託項目   :粒状炭の添着業務
業務移管日    :2024年7月1日 製造分より
対象品目     :粒状添着炭の全て



対象製品     :ホクエツGS-A1
終了時期     :2024年6月以降、在庫がなくなり次第。



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